StandaloneFilterWindow link error

I included the path of “juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h” so as to create one of these objects.

But without compling problems(apparently), I get a link error that my vs2005 says the constructor of this object, ie:
public: __thiscall StandaloneFilterWindow::StandaloneFilterWindow(class juce::String const &,class juce::Colour const &)
is an unresolved symbol.

I just followed what documention suggests me to do:
Just create one of these objects in your JUCEApplication::initialise() method, and let it do its work. It will create your filter object using the same createFilter() function that the other plugin wrappers use.

Yes, I did that:

[code]class ScanfApp : public JUCEApplication
StandaloneFilterWindow* scanfWindow;
ScanfApp ()
: scanfWindow(0)
void initialise(const String& commandLine)
scanfWindow = new StandaloneFilterWindow(APPNAME, Colours::silver);



May someone give me a hand? Thanks in advance.

Well yes, you just need to actually add the StandaloneFilterWindow.cpp file to your project - it’s not part of the juce library, just a demonstration class that you can use.