Starting Plugin in DAW in new Projucer and VS 2022

When VS 2022 came out I upgraded immediately, and uninstalled VS 2019 after a few weeks after everything was working fine.

Note I always start my current project from VS 2022 directly, unless I need to add/delete a file via Projucer.

Now many months after I had to add a file to the project so I start Projucer which says there is an update. So I update and then add VS 2022 to “Exporter”, add my new file, select VS 2022 in “Selected exporter” dropdown, but when I compile and run my project it no longer starts my DAW Reaper as it used to, says can’t run “myplugin.vst3” and for the life of me where to specify that I have totally forgotten as it was more than three years ago I did it last. Do I specify what host to run after compile in Projucer or Visual Studio, and where?

Ok I found it in Visual Studio under the “VST3 Property” page, Debugging, Command.

However now I have no sound! I am going to start a new thread about that problem.