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Yeah, makes sense it was too good to be true. Someone at least was pushing an agenda.

However, JUCE has a lot of applications in audio-adjacent industries. Music Therapy, for example, is booming right now and has a much larger market than audio engineering software. I’d be curious to see the financials for all audio-related software instead of just DAWs.


That is certainly true. But my opinion is that if I were to build an app that didn’t require DSP, there’s no way in hell that I’d be putting up with C++. Don’t get me wrong, I love the amount of control that the language gives the programmer. But if I’m going to write a simple app that is almost 99% user experience and GUI, then I’m going to use an easier language.


I just got confirmation that the report is indeed a scam. I confronted the guy about his numbers and he became defensive and says that I’m defaming him. Then he adds me on LinkedIn and starts throwing out names of prominent people he’s supposedly connected to. He says that if I accept his invitation, I “will come to know the real world”.

I don’t know if its a coincidence or not, but he mentioned the name of a CEO that I know personally: Clive. So, I mentioned all this to Clive and Clive tells me that this guy has already been discredited. He’s a scammer.


Dr T,
your a dog chasing a bone with this one. I love it… But don’t waste any more time on him.


Agreed. But I only confronted him because he kept coming back to me wanting me to buy his report. I kept saying no, but he wouldn’t let it go.


One could spend a lifetime debunking technology analysts talking up technologies for one reason or another.


Lol. These guys are still emailing me. I had to add their email addresses to a spam filter because they just won’t give up on trying to sell me their damn report.


I’m sorry I ever brought them up! I should have done some research first.