State of Multichannel plugs

Hey everyone (probably @fabian though, really).

Just wondering about getting some new guidance on multichannel plugins.

I know we have a (deprecated) definitive guide to multichannel plugins, and then a bunch of people asking questions since. Looking over all of it I end up rather confused about what the state of multichannel is currently.

I’m speaking just of the new method - BusesProperties().withInput(…) - etc in the constructor, and then overriding isLayoutSupported() to allow DAW negotiation over the config (which seems to be the preferred method).

It is fairly easy to set up, and generally works; but (of course) there are a million edge cases and DAW specific problems, and VST/VST3/AU differences, etc.

I don’t envy you being the one to parse through it all, but since you are already in that unenviable position, I wonder if we could convince you to write up another, new, non deprecated version of the definitive guide, etc.

Or, if that’s not possible, maybe just a quick summary of what does/doesn’t work, current limitations, and what DAWs have particular pitfalls, etc.

Maybe if this isn’t info that you have readily available, then others will chime in.

FWIW I see no issues in ableton VST, and generally no issues in ProTools. Logic is giving me all sorts of problems though. Haven’t really dug in though, just a quick look.