Static Window ID/Name

I am basically a Software Test Engineer. I don’t have any experience working with JUCE, but the application which I am testing uses JUCE. Now I am planning to automate the testing process with some Record and play tool. My problem here is, once i record a particular operation with the test Automation tool and try to use the same recorded script to run, the application does not perform the operation as expected. On research i have found that the JUCE window creates a Dynamic Window ID or NAME, Which the Recorded Script wont recognise. Is there any way to make the Window ID Static. Any help…?

Ah yes… It varies it so that multiple juce apps don’t have name clashes.

The only way to rig it would be to hack the code in WindowClassHolder in juce_win32_Windowing.cpp, and set the name to a fixed string.

Thanks Jules for the quick reply. I will discuss this with my Development team :slight_smile: