Status request


So, as you all aware, I’ve been kind of absent of late. :wink:

My little studio space is nearing completion now, and the major rush at work to prepare for the yearly radiological society meeting is a little less insane, so I’m hoping to find a few quiet hours to get some programming done.

Can anyone bring me up to speed on who has the latest versions of the UI skeleton etc…

Hi Valley.

Actually I think there are like 3 mutatations…one each for ModuLR, SigmaDeltaRob, and me. We had a lot of lively discussions, but AFAIK Rob prolly has the most functional/most current…although beware: he secretly tweaks JUCE, and also said his code doesn’t work under 1.6… In any case, the various permutations are all over on the “secret” file site (see PM).

Rob, what say you?


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yep. If you’re back into it valley, I can stick something together again that works with 1.6 given it will be stripped down a lot from what I have.

cheers people.

OK, Rob, if you can send me what you have, I’ll try and get myself up to date.

I’m going to be putting some furniture together and building myself some bass traps so my free hours are a little scarce but I’m aiming to make some time to push ahead with this project a little.