Statusbar tooltips

I’ve noticed that several JUCE apps (including Tracktion) have a sort of status bar that displays little text hints, or prompts… ie. "Click to select this track; double-click to expand it."
In Tracktion, this is separate from the actual ‘Tooltip’ mechanism – as those are floating windows that can be turned on and off.

Is there a built in component mechanism getting used here, or am I missing something obvious?
I was thinking I could build an interface that all my widgets implement, allowing me to watch all of them with a MouseListener, etc…
But, it seems there might be a simpler way that I’m just overlooking…


Those are just done as custom components, but will still use the normal ToolTipClient class. It’s quite easy, just have a timer that finds the component under the mouse, and tries to cast it to a ToolTipClient. If it is one, you display its tip. There’s code inside ToolTipWindow that you can pretty much copy out to do that for you.

TBH a comp to do this might be a nice little addition. I’ll do one if I get chance.


If the component under the mouse is a tooltipclient, wouldn’t the status bar text and the actual floating tooltip window both display the same text, then?
Whereas, the status bar text is brief and the floating window is verbose…

I guess two custom tooltip ‘displayers’ could be in use, both parsing out the appropriate bit of string from the getTooptip()… hmm.

thanks :slight_smile:

Can’t remember, to be honest!

I’d be eager to use such addition (tooltip text component for use as a statusbar tooltip), if you have some ready-to-use code, could you please add this to the repository. Otherwise here’s my implementation, as a subclass of Label:

Feel free to use this code.