Steinberg 64 bit float processing and JuceDemoPlugin

Nuendo (Cubase) wont show JuceDemoPlugin VST3 plugin in “show plugins that support 64 bit float processing” list (plugin manager).

I’ve overriden processor’s supportsDoublePrecisionProcessing() method, which is returning true. Nuendo is actually calling this method few times, but still plugin is not listed.

Any idea? Do i have to do anything else?

JUCE 4.3.1


edit: also proper 64bit process function is called by Nuendo, it is just that plugin is not listed, not sure what would be the reason for this.

edit2: also Wavelab is showing plugin as being capable of 64 bit processing - looks like it is Cubendo problem.

I just found out, that it works as expected with the latest Cubendo versions, so i guess the problem is in Nuendo 8, which i am using.