Steinberg closing down VST2 for good


@lorcan thanks that’s great news I have to say I wasn’t aware of that! I suspect it will be a while before we could actually move over as we’ll want to wait until at least most DAWs support this. Otherwise in my experience selecting the plugin form the DAW is rather odd as you have to click the plugin then Contents then Win32/x64 then actually select the plugin, all from within the host urgh! Not a pleasant experience for users.


@Anthony_Nicholls Yvan said they tested will all hosts they could and found no problems.
The Contents/Win32 annoyance is VST2 specific I think, VST3 uses unique id’s to distinguish between plug-ins.
I’ll report my findings here when I’ve upgraded my builds.


That’s even better news! That wasn’t my experience at the time, I could be mistaken but if memory serves me right I think I recall seeing the issue in both Cubase and Studio One, but it may depend on settings for how you are displaying your plugin list in the DAW. I will take a look at this again!


The download link on the dev page is still 3.6.9



@Anthony_Nicholls I’m talking about VST3 not VST2. Never seen the behavior you mention with VST3.
@Rail_Jon_Rogut or grabit from github


I’m also referring to VST3. It was probably about 12-18 months ago (maybe longer) that I looked, but essentially you would have to browse through all the sub folders to get to the actual plugin. Again this was only the case if the user had configured to display the VST3 plugins in a particular way (by manufacturer maybe? i can’t remember to be honest). I’ll take another look when I’m back in work as I don’t have a Windows installation in front of me right this second.


Hi ygrabit,
is the VST2 License contract to be signed, the one in the VST 3.6.10 SDK?



I’m just catching up on this. I do not have a license agreement with Steinberg, but from what I gather I can download the SDK, complete the license form, email it to Steinberg, and then I can keep releasing VST2 plugins after October?


That’s where it gets tricky. You can’t download the VST2 agreement from Steinberg any more, and Steinberg has just been cleaning up as much as they can find of its existence online recently with DMCA take downs.
(notice the link above to the VST2 License is a 404)


it’s in the VST3.6.10 sdk zip


This is where I get confused.

From there :

The object of this agreement consists of the Steinberg VST PlugIn Software Development Kit version 3.6.10

So does it cover VST2? If you get that one signed before October are you clear to distribute VST2 and VST3? @ygrabit can you chime in?


Yes, I’m wondering this as well. I have a signed copy of the VST3 agreement but it has a very specific version number in there and no mention of VST2.x

This would imply that unless you signed an agreement from years ago relating specifically to VST2 that you’re not covered by the current VST3 agreement?


The current VST3 license agreement is saying explicitely :

This agreement neither applies to the development nor the hosting of VST 2 Plug-Ins.

That means that we need another license agreement file related with VST2. It would be great if @ygrabit can provide one for us as soon as possible.


OK I got it, it is in the VST_SDK 3.6.10 here, in the VST2 folder :

That’s not the one available on the developer website, but on GitHub only


Where is this section, i download that one from
which is (Version “3.6.9– 27.02.2018”)

where i can’t find the VST2 section


That part isn’t available in the 3.6.9 license agreement, it’s located at 1.6 in the 3.6.10 license agreement


Ah, i was tricked by the numbering in the filename vst3610 > vstsdk369, so the older (which is the current you download from the website) should be okay, for VST2 developing, i guess.
@ygrabit, would be cool if we get some clarification


FYI: I took care of all Steinberg license issues this week.

Using the links in this thread, I obtained the VST2 and VST3 licenses, filled out the forms, and emailed them to Steinberg. They returned them signed to me in a day and a half!

The forms are very easy to fill out, requiring only company name and address and a contact person. And Steinberg seems to be responding very quickly.

So if you have been procrastinating, be aware that it is not a painful process. At least, that was my experience.


Exactly my finding today as well. No excuses!


What would be the story for a new plugin manufacturer who wanted to support Ableton on Windows at the moment? Is there any way of doing this at all? :slight_smile: