Steinberg VST3 validator -- "ProgramList has no name"

Hi friends,

I’ve got a couple plugins that are all failing the Steinberg VST3 validator with the same error: “Programlist 000->Program 000: has no name!”

Interestingly, the error persists whether I return an empty string or an actual text string from the AudioProcessor subclass’s getProgramName() function. Has anyone encountered this error before?

(To be clear, the plugins work correctly, this is purely a validation error only happening in Steinberg’s VST3 validator tool.)

I vaguely remember fixing this in the JUCE demo plugins by ensuring that the program name is always non-empty:

If this doesn’t work in your plugin for some reason, please provide a minimal example reproducing the issue (ideally in a PIP) and I’ll try to take a look.

This seems to have fixed the issue, thank you!