Stepped LinearHorizontal Slider with proportional values

I’ve a LinearHorizontal Slider, with 4 intervals/possible values, (it’s a 4way switch, using four images for each position, you can use it dragging the mouse or clicking in the position)
The problem, is that the values are no proportional:

Is there any way to get proportional value subdivisions?

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Could you please provide a little more detail about your implementation? It’s a little difficult to see what to suggest.

A slider always has values at either end of its range. Is it possible to make your slider smaller than your strip of images? In your example you can align the snap-to values of the slider with the centre of each of your images by making your slider half a box shorter at either end (keeping the centre constant).

Hi T0m,
I solved the problem by making smaller the slider. The images have shadow, but I could adjust them until they’re usable.

yes, the ideal would be to make slider smaller than the images, by defining a rectangle like in hitTest