Steppy automation recording on OSX

OK I think Jules and I may have a solution to this problem. It is related to the laggy repainting bug since OS X El Capitan. Apple seems to have changed something in their repainting code since El Capitan which makes redraws extremely laggy if you post a lot of setNeedsDisplays.

The same bug is affecting Logic: you can clearly see how the GUI struggles to keep up when moving a JUCE slider. In addition, and more worryingly, Logic seems to be time-stamping and recording parameter events on the UI thread - and therefore the laggy UI seems to affect the timestamps of the recorded parameter changes.

Please let me know if the recent change on develop fixes this bug.

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Just wondering, don’t you guys have a way to contact Apple people to get to the bottom of this laggy repainting bug since el capitan ?

I suppose Jules or someone else has been sent to the WWDC ?

Yes, we do have friends at Apple :slight_smile: But with things like this, it’s actually not always useful to call on them, as we need to find workarounds that work with the apps as they currently are.

I do suspect that there’s probably a poorly-made decision in the way Logic time-stamps the incoming events, and this isn’t anything we’re doing “wrong” in juce. But even if we got them to improve that in the next release, we’d need to find a solution for you guys in the meantime.

The logic issue is actually a consequence of the laggy redraw since el capitan. This is this point that I thought might worth discussing with Apple, not the Logic one :slight_smile:

I filed a bug about the laggy UI in El Capitan a long time ago. We have some friends at Apple in the CoreAudio team but this bug is not really part of CoreAudio. The bug is still marked as open by the way.

Hence my hints at WWDC and asking about this would have been a good idea :slight_smile:

Ok, the fix in develop worked. Automation recording works great on my end.

I guess that means we need to issue an update for our old plug-ins so they work properly. When do you think this issue will be ironed into the master repository?
Thank you!:smile_cat:

The fix is working well on my end too, for both automation as well as laggy GUIs.

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Has anyone noticed this issue resurge in recent updates? Have we been actively checking for this? Noticing a regression in a product causing this behavior and I’ve no idea what we would have done to trigger this.

I’ve only seen this in Logic when using the mouse wheel… I’ve posted a change to the JUCE code to fix it to the forum before.