Store samples as static data for usage across Dynamic libs?

Hi all,

Since we are developing plug ins as dynamic libs, and static data are shared among all the instances of the plugins, are we good to store all (read only) sample/audio data as static data so all instances of the instrument plug-ins could share them?

E.g, we make a singleton as below. And all instances of our plugin could share and use the


class SamplePool
    static std::vector<MySample> samples;
    SamplePool(const SamplePool&);
    SamplePool& operator=(const SamplePool&);

Is this safe to carry this out for sampling instruments? Say the samples could be more than 2GB even when DFDed. 
I am quite sure that the static data (like the "samples") are shared among the plugin instances, but I am still afraid that I am missing something down there. Hope someone could tell me whether this is good or evil.

Thanks in advance.