Storing AudioThumbnail data to file for use on Raspberry Pi

I’m working on a music database system for the Raspberry Pi. I’ve written a desktop music manager that you can import tracks into, and it will analyse BPM, key etc and also generate AudioThumbnail data that I’m sorting in a SQLite as a string.

The idea is that you can export the database to a USB to be loaded on a Raspberry Pi and have the tracks play off of USB.

I’m wondering if storing the AudioThumbnail data is actually needed, and wondered if it may be better to just generate this as needed on the Pi when a track is loaded. It currently loads very quickly when stored in the database, but takes up a significant amount of space (roughly 256kb per track). This can mean a database of several thousand tracks can mean a database file that is quite substantial.

I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are, and whether they have an experience doing such a thing with a Raspberry Pi