Strange debug failures using Intel Compiler

I’m getting access violations on startup all over the place, seemingly at random places like Button’s constructor, or XML’s readElement, and sometimes at the __security_init_cookie() pre-main function.

As I understand it the __security_init_cookie() thing breaks when you have a buffer overrun and something overwrites the function’s stack frame; I don’t think this checks heap memory. It’s not helpful at all because it never points to the origin of the overrun, if any. I can’t conclude anything really.

The ‘this’ pointer of all of these cases is always suspicious like 0x0008c0000 … and there are never any stack trace frames.

This is really irritating, has anyone had similar problems? Or suggestions?

btw, debugging with gdb on the same source (albeit different SDK files and libs), no problems occur.

I once tried ICC on linux build (by that time, it was ICC11).
I had to ABSOLUTELY make sure the debug version was compiled with the same preprocessor definition than GCC, which ICC tends to forget.
So, I had to add “-DDEBUG=1 -D_DEBUG=1 -DJUCE_DEBUG=1” etc. to all my source code compilation.

The issue I had, by that time was memory leaks all other the place, spot by valgrind. Not sure it’s the same issue, but it might worth a try.