Strange dragging listbox behaviour after sync

i’ve synced to the latest svn revision, and recompiling jost, my draggable listbox now paints the whole background while dragging:

this was working good before… maybe some changes under the hood (or i have mistaken something ? any tips ?

Can’t think of anything I’ve changed that’d affect it… The drag-and-drop stuff in the demo seems ok.

i’ve recompiled right now the jucedemo and it is the same.

aha! in the previous version the dragging listbox image was added to the parent component, not as a separate desktop window. now it seems that when dragging it, a new xorg window is created.

compare the old way (it is indeed a component child of the main DocumentWindow):

maybe a change in the linux windowing code about drag and drop ?

i think the problem could be the “allowDraggingToExternalWindows” flag in the DragAndDropContainer, which is always set to true in the listbox. this cause the container to add the dragging image onto the desktop, and since we don’t have alpha channel already implemented for linux desktop windows…


setting Listbox.cpp ~ line 155


do the job. obviously now i can’t drag listbox rows on other windows :confused:

Ah right, that’d be the problem. The window it creates shouldn’t be so big though. I’ll look into that.