Strange font issue

Hey guys -

This one leaves me speechless, no idea how this could happen so I thought I would kick it up to here and see if anyone has thoughts.

Basically, a user sent me this screenshot.

I should note that I don’t do any translation (like the TRANS macro, etc).

Everything should just display in english. Most of the text blocks in the screenshot are just done with drawText(“english text as string”).

I’ve asked the user what DAW / OS this is … so I’ll post that here once I know.

What font are you using for that text? Is it installed on the users’ system?

I don’t know what the host is, but the tab text is in German.


Aha! Of course. I set the default font to “Geneva” which must not be included.

Shouldn’t it fall back to the default system font when this one is not available though?

Or, is there a way for me to detect if this font is installed before I set the typeface?
I don’t see a function for this, but maybe I’m missing something?

I know I could override the getTypeface function, and provide a font … but I would rather just specify from a list of system fonts once I find one that is available.