Strange issue with JUCE version 3...[SOLVED]

I have only just updated JUCE to version 3.0.5 from version 2.something. The upgrade went fine, my projects build and run without problems on Windows and OSX. On Linux however I'm having problems with MY plugins, no host will load them. The call to "module.getFunction ("VSTPluginMain");" in the open() method of the ModuleHandle class in juceVSTPluginFormat.cpp(line 430) keeps returning a null pointer, as does the the next call to (MainCall) module.getFunction ("main"); I've changed nothing in my code-base.

I've checked my plugin binary for the exported functions module.getFunction() can't find and they appear just as they do with the demo plugin. I can't get my head around what might be causing the problem. For some reason the symbols seems to be hidden. I know it's a long shot, but can anyone suggest any things I could try out to get to the route of the issue? No doubt it's something on my end, but I'm stumped as to what it might be.


[EDIT] I tracked the problem down to an undefined symbol from another library.