Strange library link issue

For some reason, after I fetched the latest from the git-o-sphere, my project (which hadn’t changed at all) failed to build because it couldn’t find jucelib_static_Win32.lib to link to.

It can’t find it, because I haven’t built a release version, which is reasonable. However, I’m not building a release version, I’m doing a debug build. Juce project is built as debug (and i have jucelib_static_Win32_debug.lib present and correct), and my project is set to use debug. jucelib_static_Win32.lib is not listed anywhere in my project configuration, so I guess it’s coming from the auto-link stuff. The only way I could get around it was adding jucelib_static_Win32.lib to the ‘ignore specific libraries’ part of the project configuration.

Any ideas what could cause this, or a proper step to stop it happening?

You must be including juce.h (which contains commands to make it auto-link to the libs), when you’re actually trying to use an amalgamated build.

If you’re using an amalg build, always include juce_amalagamated.h, or better still, include the header file that the new jucer creates for your project.

I am including juce.h, but that’s because I never use the amalgamated files at this stage in a project.

also, double weird. done a full clean/rebuild, and still have the weirds; it seems juce doesn’t believe that it’s a debug build at all, as DBG() is being turned into dust.

i guess i’m gonna have to just delete my juce folder and re-get everything from scratch again. At this point, i always think… maybe jules has made a wee cockup before committing the latest stuff, but getting it all from scratch again always proves the theory incorrect!

seriously, GIT is the worst thing to have ever happened to juce. [though the only bad thing, granted, so well done!]

[edit: i promise i’ll stop complaining about GIT soon ;)]

ahem, yes… that was a little mini bugette that slipped in somehow… Grab it again now and it’ll be ok.