StreamingSocket::isConnected() only set once?


I am new to Audio-Plugin programing so please be patient with me...

For connecting my plugin to a host program I am using the StreamingSocket Class. The problem i have is that after the connection is established and I am closing the host - which means there is no more a valid connection - the method "isConnected()" still returns "true".


After looking into the source code the method itself does not do anything than returning an already set value.


Do I do something wrong, is it ment to be like this or is there any other way working with the StreamingSocket class to check if the connection is still working?

Being "connected" just means that the socket is open, it doesn't mean that the other end is responding. Really, the only way to find out whether the other end is responding is to send your own ping signal.

Thank you for your help and the quick answer.