String Function Request


I’ve noticed the functionality of Strings has been changing, and it’s always been awkward to use with C and C++.
Would it be possible to add two functions in addition to toUTF8()?
I would really like:
char* toCharPtr();
string toCxxString();
Right now, I’ve been trying to do the simplest thing with just writing a File path to cerr and after hours of trying everything I can think of, I still can’t come up with a solution that will compile.


A char* and a std::string are both meaningless concepts unless you specify their multi-byte encoding format, so no, I can’t add anything like that.

I could add a method that returns a utf-8 std::string, but it’s trivial to do that anyway, e.g. std::string (myString.toUTF8()).

eh? Didn’t you try

std::cerr << file.getFullPathName();



Yeah, that works.
I suppose my issue was that I was trying to convert it to a std::string (std::basic_string or something?) first.
I found this works:
std::string name=file.getFullPathName().getCharPointer();
but I was having trouble with other attempts for some reason.
I used to be able to do std::string name=file.getFullPathName().toUTF8();
But that doesn’t seem to work any more–at least with my current setup.

The string problem is solved, but as an aside related to that setup–I don’t understand it very well because it’s in xcode.
I’m currently using a mac and used a Jucer startup system that puts me in xcode very nicely and easily.
I can’t figure out what is going on in xcode out though.
I mean, simple things like pulling up an auto complete list tend not to work in most cases, when compared to netbeans, although they do work in some other cases, mysteriously.
Is there any simple way to take the code files from xcode and move them into a netbeans setup?
I guess I’d mostly need the flags and whatnot that xcode uses to compile–which I can’t find yet…
So far, I don’t even know how to find typical compiler output with xcode either.
For example, when I have an error, I can’t find the usual ‘^’ symbol underneath pointing to where in the line it occurs.
I’m also not finding simple functionality like refactor or jump to a specific #include"filename".
Does anyone use xcode and find these types of functionalities?

Sorry for the tangent.
Just to reiterate, the string thing is solved.