String operator<< int64 request

Hi Jules, would it be possible to add operator<<'s for the int64 variable type? At the moment these have to be explicitly casted to another variable type such as an int or double to get the operator’s to work. Or of course wrap them in a String constructor. Its just a bit of a pain when your using lots of DBG macros when debugging and String does provide an int64 constructor.


If there were two conversions from int, wouldn’t that make a lot of calls ambiguous?

Yeah, I think that’d be ok. The String constructors are overridden with int and int64, and that doesn’t seem to create any ambiguity problems, so this is probably fine too.

Hi Jules, I know you added this operator to OutputStream but that still doesn’t help with the DBG macro, I still have to wrap the variable in a String constructor. Can you please add this operator to the String class. Thanks.

Yes, will do!