StringArray method request


currently, the only methods to have a StringArray built from a String that’s splitted around separators is to create the empty StringArray first, and call addTokens afterwards:

StringArray array;
array.addTokens ("1 2 3 etc");

I’d find it handy if there were a StringArray::fromTokens factory method that did just that, returning the resulting StringArray.

StringArray StringArray::fromTokens (..same parameters as addTokens() here..)
    StringArray array;
    array.addTokens (..passed parameters..);
    return array;

That would be perfect to inline simple StringArrays with simple and known content where it’s needed (for initialization purposes, for example).

What do you think you about that, jules?


Yes, I’ve thought the same thing many times, just never quite got around to coding it!


while you’re at it, what about a setPointHeight for Font? the current withPointHeight requires one to do something like

Font f (some typeface here);
f = f.withPointHeight (10.0f);

which requires an unnecessarily complicated assignment just to do a simple


Well… that’s the opposite direction to the way I’d like the Font class to work. I regret not making it an immutable class from the start, so am avoiding adding any new non-const methods.


Ah right, now I remember… I think we had this conversation already.

What about a handy factory method for it too, then?


Why would you need a factory method?

e.g. it’s just as easy to write


You are right, I was just not comfortable enough with the idea of creating a temporary object just to create another one with a different size out of it