Striped down version of juce for a daemon

i don’t remember if i saw it here or i had a dream about that (i have those sometimes), but wasn’t there a post on how to strip juce from the UI and Audio stuff and leave the core I/O/Threads/XML stuff and make the library smaller ? i guess that could be possible but am not sure, definetly a different LUA/premake has to be used for this.

does anyone have a clue?


No, you weren’t dreaming - it’s the JUCE_BUILD_GUI_CLASSES config setting. Works quite nicely if you build using the amalgamated version.

that’s true works nice. is it ok that i can’t use some of the messaging classes if i use juce without the GUI classes, i guess this is dependent somehow ?

Yes, the messaging classes all need an event loop, which you don’t have if you’re running a command-line app.