Subclass MidiInput & MidiOutput on Windows

Hi everyone,

I would like to subclass MidiInput & MidiOutput on Windows to implement the createNewDevice functionality…

Unfortunately I always get the error: <<juce::MidiInput’: no appropriate default constructor available>>

I must confess that my C++ abilities are a bit rusty so any help on this would really be appreciated…

Best regards,

— NEVERMIND - like I wrote my C++ is a bit rusty :wink: Problem solved by specifying the appropriate parent-constructor…

What are you trying to achieve by overriding these methods? I don’t think Windows supports creating virtual MIDI devices which is why the createNewDevice() method isn’t implemented. Also, neither MIDIInput or MIDIOutput are virtual classes so subclassing them won’t allow you to do what you want (in fact, these classes should probably be marked final…).

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Actually you can with my driver:

And I intend to extend the current code with conditional compile to optionally support this
(also checking if my driver is found on the system)

Subclassing MidiInput & Output is also nice to implement other components that should
behave like a normal midi in or out…