Submit your tutorial requests



sorry to dig-up an old thread, if if anyone is still considering what tuts to make, I concur with this - a quick starter on Dynamic Library or Static Library wouldn’t go amiss


Maybe JUCE could allow some of those very clever and highly educated new developers to submit tutorials.(not me) They could proofread the tutorial and in return give the generous developer a link thanking them at the end of the tutorial.


How about a getting started with iOS tutorial?


The main thing I use the forum for is to find solid examples of code in use. I assume this is the same for other inexperienced programmers with no support network. It gets embarrassing asking for examples, but a well-written example can save me from a day of debugging one silly mistake.
The tutorials really help, it is reassuring to know you are using an expert’s solid coding.
In the end, creativity is not decided by who is the most expert coder, but it is sad when coding is an exclusive club that inhibits creativity. C++ has become an exclusive club. This may be a way for some coders to keep their job.
Surprisingly, JUCE has always had a community vibe, relatively free of ego, even though we all worship the JUCE team.
The tutorials will only get JUCE more users. Please keep them coming. I am sure the community is willing to help.
Thank you


faust (or SOUL) -> juce module
tracktion engine


I am working on a bunch of my own that I will have up on my site in the next months.


A package of simple tutorial for beginner. Sometimes tutorial have complexe add-on and make the reading too hard.