Subprocessor bus arragements

Hey all -

I noticed that the bus arrangements are populated automatically nowadays in the AudioProcessor constructor using the preprocessor directives for reference.

Smart way to do it, but there are some complications when using processors with sub-processors inside them.

For example, I have a synth (0 inputs, 2 outputs), which has some effects built in. Naturally, the effects have 2 inputs/outputs.

Unfortunately, I hit a bunch of assertions since when the effects are constructed they don’t create any input buses (seeing that JucePlugin_IsSynth is set to 1 for the synth).

So … I can manually create the buses in each constructor (what I am doing now), but it’s kinda hacky.

Just wondering if it might be cleaner to have an “isSubprocessor” flag that would automagically change the way the processor allocates buses, to use the (overridden) isInputStereoPair() method, or something like that?

No biggie either way, just thought it would be a good thing to point out.

Cheers ~

This is on our radar and will be fixed soon.

I have started this discussion about a proposal that may fix this issue as a “side effect”