Subscribe to use Live-build

Hi, I’m getting this dialog on the Live Build panel and when I click the subscribe button it just takes me to the Juce download page…

Any ideas? thx

Hi leehu, when clicking Subscribe you get here right?

Below the huge submit form, there’s a small text saying: “Commercial releases using JUCE require JUCE Indie or JUCE Pro.” When you click on it you get to the right spot. Another way is just scrolling down on the page…

However, good point this could be clearer. Subscribe should open the scrolled-down position directly:

Hi, thanks. I see that, but it still wants me to download something from there…?

I’ve got an indie license and I have a copy of Projucer that Ive built from Github... Shouldnt I just be able to login and connect to my account?


I think you can switch to the develop branch which has a new feature to download the dll ?

I did exactly that this morning on Windows.

thx - will give that a go

great,that works - thanks!

Looks like 4k scaling isn’t handled though…

Image with a bit more context: