[Suggestion] Add time to Time::getCompilationDate()

At the moment Time::getCompilationDate() returns a Time object with the time always set to 12:00.
I can't imagine that it would break any existing code if it would return the actual compilation time. I'd consider it quite useful.

My suggestion:

Time Time::getCompilationDate()
    StringArray dateTokens;
    dateTokens.addTokens (__DATE__, true);
    dateTokens.removeEmptyStrings (true);

    StringArray compileTime;
    compileTime.addTokens (__TIME__, ":", String::empty); // E.g. __TIME__ = "23:59:01"

    return Time (dateTokens[2].getIntValue(),
                 getMonthNumberForCompileDate (dateTokens[0]),

Thanks - seems like an easy addition, I'll take a look.