Suggestion: Disable Google Analytics tracking & Splash in debug builds


I would suspect, that the endless restarts of the plugins during development yield not much useful information for ROLI and just screw up your stats. So why not disable the google analytics tracking for debug builds?

Also the splash thingie in the bottom right corner is quite annoying during development if the ResizableCornerComponent is used. So maybe an option to disable it in debug builds is an acceptable option as well?

Maybe this could be an option in the dropdown of the project settings in the projucer, so that we have:

  • enabled (required for closed source […])
  • enabled in release builds (required for closed source builds […], you may not release debug builds with this settings …)

IMHO this would be a win-win for all parties.

Note: I’m currently evaluating 5 and like it so far, but will purchase an Indie version sooner or laster.
Also: I could understand, if you do want to nag the developer as well during development with the splash-screen, but as mentioned above, I don’t think you’ll gain anything by collecting stats during development.


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