Suggestion for commits style

There is a pretty common “best-practice” of making separate changes in separate commits. I wrote a short article which elaborates a little more on why you’d want to do that -

I recommend to everyone to adopt this style and would also like to suggest this to the JUCE team. If we take for example the latest commit as of now -,
it bundles three changes together, whereas at least having the “and refactored AudioIODeviceType creation” parts of it in a separate commit would make it much easier to follow which parts are related to the Windows API changes.

I hope that my post is not out of place :slight_smile: Cheers! Yair


I wasn’t quite sure about this until I saw the picture of a lego man sitting at a computer. Now I’m totally convinced this the way to go :laughing:


I’m glad that it convinced you!
I’m sure that you already knows this, but the Lego signifies modularity :wink:

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