Summary of 'Developing Graphical User Interfaces, part 2'

Dear @jules

We have been patiently waiting. But I have given up hope that the video of the second part of your Developing Graphical User Interfaces with JUCE summit 2015 presentation will ever be available. Therefore my request:

May you summarise it here for us?
(Or share your keynote presentation if you consider it helpful)

The topics were (taken from the video part 1):

  1. The Graphics class and the different rendering engines
  2. Geometry classes, paths, affine transforms
  3. Performance of different types of drawing primitive
  4. Fonts and text
  5. Drawing images and drawing into them
  6. SVG and Drawables
  7. Opacity and clipping tricks to improve performance
  8. Animation, fading in/out
  9. OpenGL

I’m especially eager to hear about 7. Or anything that improves the performance in particular.
You mentioned setPaintingIsUnclipped() in part 1 and such advise is great! But it’s something one doesn’t figure out by only using a profiler. So sharing your advice here would be awesome!


I really want to see this too! Especially 7 and 8.

Any news @jules @jb1 ?

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I would also really like to watch that second part of the video !

We’re uploading it right now:


Thanks a lot, Jean-Baptiste!