Support Asian Font?


During the past a few of days,I tested and found that Chinese font won’t be displayed in the GUI.I opened this thread just wanna to confirm whether Asia font is not supported yet at this moment.

Thank you for your help.


Like I said in the other two threads that you posted about this, it supports unicode, but only left-to-right text. Please stop asking the same question repeatedly!

Sorry for asking this again.I spent countless hours and still have no clue how to make GUI show my Chinese characters.They are just blanks.Chinese font is of course left to right.Is the issue I encountered a window specific problem or anything I was missed?


did you find the instructions that SwingCoder put together in this thread?

The forum has a few hints for you… (perhaps search chinese, japanese as those keywords will get you some hits)

(Basically your default font doesn’t have the Glyphs available). Jules posted a fix into the GIT repository recently for fallback fonts, not sure if you are using that or the download from sourceforge.

EDIT: Echo of Steffen!

I made it!

Thank you all so much!!!

A least, please make this post interesting, and explain to other how you made it, so when any other Chinese reader use the search forum, they can figure it out too.