Support for keyboard navigation seems lacking

I came across JUCE and it’s great but there are a few issues that I noticed immediately that could be a problem. All of these were observed in the JUCEDemo application.

First was keyboard navigation. I couldn’t control a lot of the elements with the keyboard (like tabs, main menu, sliders etc). I should be able to use the Tab key to get to these elements and then manipulate them.

When the demo is first lanuched, hitting the Tab key does nothing and only after you click somewhere in the application does the Tab key start working.

Although I can use Tab to get to checkboxes, on Windows, their state is not toggled by the Space bar which is standard, but instead works with the Return key.

Accessibility is another issue which will take some solving.

Besides this I am most impressed by what I see in JUCE and await the day we see an Eclipse plugin for JUCE which includes the Jucer, Wizards and code auto completion all in one IDE. I know it’s a good tech demo to create an IDE in the framework itself, but it may not always be the best idea.

Thanks. I’ve been gradually adding keyboard navigation to things when I notice it, but I know there’s still quite a few components that could be improved in that way.

I’ve never had much luck with eclipse - I’ve tried a couple of times to run it, but just get confused and can’t persuade it to do anything. Probably just something simple I’m missing, but it seems pretty unwieldy.

(And if you think about it, writing the Jucer in Juce is the only way of doing it - how else would you show and interact with the Juce components that you’re trying to manipulate!)