Support for polyphonic aftertouch / polypressure across DAWs (VST3)

I’ve noticed that JUCE6 enabled polyphonic aftertouch (also called polypressure) for VST3 plugins (thank you!). Ableton Live (10.1.6) doesn’t support polyphonic aftertouch at all but I can get it to work with Cubase Pro (10.0.60) and Reaper (6.12).

For some reason it doesn’t work in Bitwig (3.2.2). I assume JUCE used a specific method that is not yet implemented in Bitwig. Can anybody cast some light on this?

The JUCE VST3 implementation will convert Steinberg::Vst::Event::kPolyPressureEvent instances, and Steinberg::Vst::LegacyMIDICCOutEvent instances with a controlNumber of Steinberg::Vst::kCtrlPolyPressure into polyphonic aftertouch messages. It looks like Reaper converts poly-aftertouch messages into kPolyPressureEvents, but other hosts may not do such a conversion.

Brilliant. Thank you.