Supporting iOS 9.3.5 on Catalina possible?

Hi, is there any way to still target this from Catalina or do I need to get back to a previos version of MacOS and XCode?


Xcode 12.5 on Big Sur and I see deployment target of iOS 9 available:

Am I missing something?

yeah, i have that too, but my 9.3.5 users are telling me nothing works currently.
i also looked up how to install a 9.3.5 simulator and info I’ve found says you have to go back to XCode 10 on Mohave in order to do this, so wondered if there were similar requirements for actually generating the code…?

I have DemoRunner running on an early iPad mini with 9.3.5 and everything seems to work as it should. I’m on Big Sur and Xcode 12.5, so Catalina should work. Perhaps in order to install the simulator you would need to go back though. Have your users told you what’s not working?


Thanks - thats good to know!
They’ve just said that the app starts, and has a black screen and does nothing. It’s working fine on iOS 14. Just installing a 10.3 simulator on Catalina which is as far back as I can go to see what things are like there.