SVG rendering issue


We are trying to move some of our assets to SVG instead of png and
in order to see if this is feasible we are making some test but we are getting some rendering issue down the road

Unfortunately I cannot put SVG attachements directly to this message so here is a link to download those (maybe you guys can add this to the allowed list ?)

It looks like there are some issue with the gradient as well as couple of other stuff.

Thanks !

I tried doing that a couple of years ago, I spent ages trying to get SVGs to display on Windows, with minor adjustments, which then broke badly on MacOS! - very frustating. For example, gradient fill doesn’t work on Mac’s, well it didn’t two years ago - I didn’t go through with the conversion in the end. There are too many unknowns. Plus you have to look into the SVG file to see if it’s not just been converted to a bitmap internally anyway.
So I stuck with PNGs, so I can guarantee the artwork is being imported and displays correctly.