Sync to MIDI clock?

Is there a way to sync the edit’s tempo to an external MIDI clock? I noticed it mentioned in tracktion_engine/ at master · Tracktion/tracktion_engine · GitHub but I only see a way to sync to MTC and possibly Ableton Link when looking a the Edit's functions.

Hmm, sorry about that. It looks like we can send outgoing MIDI clock but not sync to incoming.
In our MidiTimecodeReader class there is code to sync to MTC quarter frame messages which is similar so it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to add MIDI clock syncing. It’s just a case of finding the time to code and test it and we’re a little light on physical devices.

Thanks for letting me know @dave96. I’ll probably look into creating this later this year unless you guys beat me to it. If I get a working solution, I’ll post it here.

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