`'Synth\""' is not recognized as an internal or external command` in JUCE 6

I’ve just moved my JUCE 5 code over to JUCE 6, and I’m trying to build, but I get the error:

‘Synth""’ is not recognized as an internal or external command

When I pass IS_SYNTH TRUE to juce_add_plugin.

Setting IS_SYNTH to false results in a different error:

failed to find a compatible input configuration

I assume because my plugin actually is a synth.

It’s difficult to say what the problem might be without seeing more of the CMakeLists. Is it possible that you have an unmatched quotation mark or parenthesis somewhere in the file?

I tested with my plugin (based off of the JUCE 6/examples/Cmake template - this error only occurs when flipping FALSE to TRUE.

To make sure, I downloaded one of @eyalamir’s templates, and ran built PluginWithCustomModule (standlone) - same error. This uses a freshly downloaded juce install as well, so It cant be my juce config.

It’s just been confirmed that It only builds with -G Ninja

Which generator were you using previously? It sounds like cmake is failing to properly escape some string when generating the project.