Synthesizer doesn't allow overlapping note ranges for Sounds?

If I do something like this, only the other sound plays :

BigInteger allNotes;
allNotes.setRange(0, 128, true);
XenSamplerSound* xsound = new XenSamplerSound(“foo1”, sfile1, allNotes, 60, 0.05, 0.2, &m_mutex);
xsound = new XenSamplerSound(“foo2”, sfile2, allNotes, 60, 0.05, 0.2, &m_mutex);

Is that how Synthesizer has been designed to work? :frowning: It would be very useful for sampler type synths to allow multiple sounds to be triggered from the same note, for sound layering purposes.

Yes, I’m afraid that’s a limitation of the Synthesizer class.

Ah, that certainly is a pity. I have to look in the code to see if it’s possible to remove that limitation, then.

It would be great for any synth really, if you do expand the functionality, please share it!

Check out noteOn() and selectSound()… if memory serves that should do it.