SysEx Editor

New to JUCE. 

I was wondering if it was possible to develop a SysEx Editor that has the ability to control the number and size of the buffers when Transmitting and Receiving SysEx mesages via MIDI, similar to how MIDI-OX works.  I looked into doing this with Java but was unable to come up with a solution.


It depends what you mean - if you're talking about writing a plugin, or an app which copies events from a physical midi input to a midi output, then it's trivial to do this.

But if you're talking about writing something which acts as a midi input device for other apps, then that depends on the OS - on OSX/linux you can create dynamic devices in a app, but in Windows to do that you'd need to actually write a device driver.

I wrote this small component for Ctrlr for editing sysex messages. Therer is also another component that can take larger amounts of data and compare them. It's all part of the Ctrlr project so if you want you can just take the source and re-use it: