TabbedComponent with different sized child components

I have a TabbedComponent holding some child components of different size. How can I resize the TabbedComponent itself so it always encloses the child component with the childs size?

I am looking for something like DocumentWindows::setContentOwned() for TabbedComponents…
(A way of resizing the TabbedComponent whenever the size of the child component changes, i.e. when a tabbed child component is selected.)


Sorry, there’s nothing to magically do that for you, but all you’d need to do would be to make your tab content components resize the tabbedcomponent when they become visible (just override visibilityChanged)

Thanks! Great, thats what I was looking for…!

… and its even better than expected: since visibilityChanged() is i[/i] also called when the childs component tab is selected after adding it to the TabbedComponent its actually the only place where the size needs to be set at all!
And the TabbedComponent size itself is the only size that needs to tempered with.
Great! Thanks!