TableListBox's BackGround Colour

Hi all,

In my Project, i have a TableListBox. By default the background colour is white and I want the bachground colour of it to be changed.

For the number of rows i hav, i Changed the colour in the “paintcell()” of TableListBoxModel.

I hav attached few images for reference…

img1 -> wen the table hav no entries.

img2 -> wen the table has few entries with its default sort order(Only the number rows hav a BGcolour that i want).

img3 -> wen the table has its sort order changed. the Column according which the table is sorted has a diffrent colour.

Now my requirement is that, i get the entire BG of the table hav the colour that the rows hav and the Sort Coloumn has its Colour from top to bottom, with no White in the BG.

Have a look at ListBox::backgroundColourId

Thanks for replying Jules…

That did work. :slight_smile: But the colour for the column with which the table data is sorted…
(in image 3, You can see that the table is sorted according to the column containing student’s name. And that entire column has a different colour)
I want that it gets painted for that particular column from top to TableListBox’s Height…

Any Suggestions on this…

Ah, you’d need to do some kind of look+feel wrangling or use a subclass for something that specific.