Tail Gunner, Overdrive & Distortion Audio Plugin, by Ape DSP

I’m getting close to releasing my first JUCE powered plugin.

The Tail Gunner audio plugin by Ape DSP produces sounds from overdriven to distorted. Subtle to extreme distortion effects can be created.

Amount and Drive work together to “tune” the processed sound. The Mix dial allows wet/dry mixing of the processed sound. A handy Output gain dial allows you to “tame” the signal for level matching into the next stage of your signal path.

Tail Gunner can sound great on almost any sound source. Try Tail Gunner to thicken synths and strings, add distortion to anything, beef up a snare, kick drum, or full drum loop. Tail Gunner can also add extra sonic dimension to lead and backup vocals. Tail Gunner is a versatile effect. Like any effect, sometimes subtle is required, other times extreme… experiment, have fun.

You can see some early tests in this video.

Coming soon for VST, AAX , AU on Mac OS X and Windows.

Go to www.apeDSP.com and enter your email to get notified when Tail Gunner is released.

Here’s a blog post on the GUI design. Let me know what you think.

Congrats to your first plugin. Usually I enjoy very much hearing about what people are creating.

But did you really have to put your brand name and link seven times in one post?

Please keep your posts informative and not advertising.

A fellow developer