Tap textbox, On-Screen keyboard not showing (iOS/Android)

Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 02.21.54

Tapping the textbox, the caret appears in the textbox but no on-screen keyboard appears.
This means I cannot enter text into the textbox on mobile.

Googling / searching the forum I could not find this issue detailed. Which seems odd as it’s a complete showstopper. How can anyone produce a mobile JUCE app if textbox isn’t working?

It must be working for others. But not for me. I’ve tried on iOS Simulator and Android device.

I’m repainting my main component @30Hz… could this be knocking out the keyboard? Surely not… it would be a modal, and render on top of the components, surely.

Relevant code:

    TextEditor txtPatterns;



ok, so on iOS iPhone Simulator, I don’t get the on-screen keyboard, as I can use my mac keyboard. I suppose this is intentional.

On my iPhone I DO get the on-screen keyboard.

Currently unable to testcase on an Android device as I do not have one. When I tested the actual app on a friend’s Android phone the keyboard was failing to show.

So I think there’s still an issue here, but I’ll have to wait to pursue it.

It would be good if you could check if the keyboard is appearing properly on the demorunner, to determine if this is really due to a bug on the JUCE side. On my system everything works as it should on actual devices. The only problem I am seeing is on the Android simulator, which shows the keyboard briefly but then it disappears.

By the way, there’s an option in the iOS simulator (under the menu “I/O”) to disconnect the hardware keyboard. If you do so you can get the get the on-screen keyboard to appear.

On Android there is apparently an option which has to be set within the simulation itself (under Settings > Language & input > Current keyboard…) but I have not been able to get the keyboard to show properly.


Thank you for reporting. We have a fix here:


Thankyou for this.
Now it works.
However I’m experiencing another issue now that might possibly be a consequence of this fix. Not sure.
Here it is: BUG: On-screen keyboard appears when dragging slider