Text Editor keyboard focus: OpenGL in AAX

Hi all,

We have a problem in our plug-in that’s specific to 64-bit AAX on Mac OS X when using OpenGL for rendering.

I’m using a TextEditor launched via a pop-up menu to allow users to rename controls on the plug-in GUI. This works fine in every DAW apart from Pro Tools 11 and 12 on Mac. In those DAWs the TextEditor does not respond to keyboard input. I have tried numerous ways of forcing the TextEditor to have keyboard focus, but to no avail. If I turn off OpenGL rendering the text entry works as expected, but we require OpenGL!

Does anyone know how to resolve this?


Anyone got an idea about how to solve this? It’s proving to be a tough one!

Do you use GL in your pop up window too? If not, I can’t really see why GL would make a difference…?

I’m not explicitly attaching an openGL context to the pop-up, the context is attached to the main plug-in Editor component.
It’s a strange one - I can’t see where the key presses are going. They are not arriving at the host, and the only way to close the pop up is to click away from it.
I capture the mouse down when I click in the TextEditor and have tried all, and combinations of:
eventComponent is the TextEditor.