Text editor Langauge


I want my application to enter two different languages for text editor.

I want one text editor to accept english characters.

And other text editor to accept Korean or Chinese characters.


Anyone has come accross this situation before. How to accomplish this in JUCE.





The JUCE text editor can already accept any combination of English, Korean or Chinese characters.

You should be able to restrict the input of the text box to certain scripts by checking character ranges on key press.

I have set the font of the Text editor to Korean. But still it shows only english.

I dont think so this feature is supported by JUCE.

The textbox is language-agnostic - it  doesn't care what unicode characters you put in there. If the font contains glyphs for them, it'll show them.

and it isn't showing Korean titles either, except in the title bar (where the OS is doing the displaying).

But I'm not sure if the font I'm using supports Korean (or CJK or Russian) characters.

Is there a font similar to the default Juce font that supports some reasonable range of international characters?  If there's some way I could quickly drop in a new font to do this, I could check it for you...