Text looks different on different hosts (OS X)?

The text on my plugin looks different in different hosts!

This is a portion of a screenshot of the plugin hosted in Reaper:

and this is the same portion hosted in Logic:

It's the same computer and OS and build. Only the host used is different. All labels look much better on Reaper than on Logic where they look a bit messy. Quite frankly, i'm surpriced and horrified about this. I had no idea that the host could have influence on the way the plugin's GUI is rendered. Is there something that can be done to make text render the same on all instantiations of my plugin?

Maybe the host is setting some kind of global CoreGraphics gamma for font-rendering?

If someone could tell something about the difference of the rendering method, that would help to look for the responsible setting? There's clearly a difference. For one thing, the latter uses colors for the antialiasing.



Doesn't reaper use a bridge to load the plugins? i.e. it could be actually making the plugin draw to an off-screen bitmap, then drawing that onto its own UI, which would mean you wouldn't get any sub-pixel antialiasing.

But my advice would be: don't spend any time sweating over it - font rendering engines change, and colours will look different on different screens - that's life, and if you have to show us a zoomed-in screenshot for it to be visible, then nobody is going to notice or care.

I can tell it has nothing to do with Juce since non Juce plugins suffer from this too.

I wish i could take your advice, but visual quality is too important. I'm definitely going to sweat over this. It looks so bad. I didn't post the whole screenshot, which would've made it obvious, because, well, the point is that they look different. The difference is very clear in the first original size screenshots. I posted the zoomed images simply to make it easier to figure out the source of this difference. But i don't think this can be solved here. Thank you anyway for your time!