Text Rendering on Logic 9 vs Logic X

My plugin’s (custom font) text is being rendered slightly differently in Logic X compared to 9. The text is thinner and is slightly less legible on Logic X.

Does anyone have an idea of how to remedy this?


Anyone have an idea on this? Cheers

No idea - I’ve never come across anything that could affect the font like that, but presumably Logic is calling some obscure OSX API call which changes the way the font renderer works in the app. And since your plugin is part of the same process, that would also be affected. Doesn’t sound like something we could work around though.

Makes sense. Thank you for the reply, Jules.

What will affect a font like that is if it isn’t rendered using CoreGraphics for some reason, but using the internal juce renderer. CoreGraphics in general renders thicker and is better at hinting. Or maybe you have a scaling issue like I encountered a few weeks ago. If for some reason your text is rendered to a bitmap enlarged and then scaled down, it will also look thinner and a bit blurrier even when using CoreGraphics. Can you show comparison screenshots?

I tested with my plugins which also uses a custom font and did not see any difference between Logic 9 and Logic X