TextEditor and alternate keyboards (not working)

Just tested (latest JUCE) on Android 4.4.4

A TextEditor works fine with the regular keyboard, but does not see input from the "AnySoftKeyboard" or from the Google keyboard when either is in Hebrew mode.

So I tried adding Russian and Spanish in the Google keyboard, and the TextEditor dislikes Russian, but can handle Spanish -- as long as it corresponds to ASCII.

It looks like there is some non-utf8-friendly thing going on in the TextEditor on Android. It's not a generic problem, because on OS X I can type in Hebrew (in the same exact application).  Oh, and other Android apps have no problem with the other languages...



Anyone have any ideas?  This is kind of a big issue on Android...

It may be a similar issue to nine regarding numeric keyboard input. See my posts on that subject. Basically I found that Android does not allow an app to change input type programmatically, for security, only via XML layouts, which JUCE doesn’t use. There is a workaround where you can prompt the user to select the input type, in the Java side.

Well, except that the keyboard change comes from the user and not from inside the app.  e.g. the user clicks on a globe icon (at least on my phone on 4.4.4) and the input method is changed.

Since I do see Spanish characters as long as they are ASCII (e.g. "n-tilde" does not show but regular "n" does), I don't think it's that issue.

ah ok, yes different issue then.

Still seeing this in the latest Juce.  Any ideas?

This should be fixed in the newest tip. Thank you for reporting this!

Awesome, I'll update and check it out.  Thanks.

It indeed works correctly now, thank you!

Note that this does not fix swype-style keyboard entry. We are aware of this and a fix for this is on our road map.